Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitchen counters finally

Kitchen counters finally by aliciadesign
Kitchen counters finally, a photo by aliciadesign on Flickr.

Here is an in progress shot of our new laminate counter tops. I am ecstatic.
More done photos soon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3512 Metal Earth | Formica | California Street House

New Laminate Countertops

photo by aliciadesign
photo, a photo by aliciadesign on Flickr.

Brad has been busy creating new laminate counter tops for us. Can I just tell you I am so thrilled. I can't wait to get rid of the makeshift white vinyl on plywood counters that I have had for the last couple of years... More photos to come.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spa Surround Modern Fence

We updated the back yard by moving the spa. We also shortened the dog run and built a new gate. Our plan is to continue the new style of fencing behind the spa. And also build another matching gate on the other side of the dog run. I also want to put an out door bed attached to the spa....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking down the lattice cage



Well the rest of our lattice cage has come down. We are in the mood to change up our back yard and give it a more of a cohesive look. The yard used to be divided up into four sections. We have taken down the inner fences and are refiguring out ways to create better landscaping. We have a lot of wonderful plants that I want to rearrange and thin out a bit so our yard isn't quite so jungly.

Painting the back of the house will also be much easier now that all that wood is removed. I have started gathering ideas of things to do in the back yard here. I also want to paint the studio to match that house scheme and maybe add a cupola to he shed too.

I will post some of the ideas here as I start designing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hot tubs new location

Originally uploaded by aliciadesign
So we poured new concrete and we are shortening the dog run. We also ran concrete along the fence,so the dogs cannot dig under the fence. While we doing the concrete we decided to move the hot tub over to this location. Now we have to build the new fences and gates.

Last night we decided to move incorporate the outdoor bed into the hot tub area. The plan is to build a new outdoor bed next to the hot tub and the top of the hot tub will slide under the out door bed. We are also going to put new wood surrounding the bottom of the hot tub and out door bed, that matches what we do on new fence. I am super excited about the new plan. More to come.

Cleaning the jacuzzi

Originally uploaded by aliciadesign
When we bought the house it came with this jacuzzi. We have never used. We have decided to a new location and hook it up. Here I am cleaning it up.