Thursday, August 7, 2008

The silverware drawer

The silverware drawer
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What is in those cool new drawers

Well if you have been wondering what is in those new drawers you can now see.
I love my Ikea kitchen and I love how organized my drawers can be. I love my jadeite and I hope to find more over the years.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hand-Me-Down Appliances

Well so far we have been blessed with getting newer "Free" hand-me-down-appliances. The first find was our dishwasher way back when we first moved in. I found it out on the sidewalk down the street. We just got it securely installed and put the side panels on. We also ordered the new panels that it needed below, from the Whirlpool site. They came fast and now it looks great. The second was this newer bright white gas stove from Hayden's Dad, Mike. It is newer and better looking than the old almond one. The third and last newer appliance was this vented microwave from my parents. They had an older one sitting in their garage and said "hey we will get it to you some how." Well it just so happened that Brad's parents were driving down to visit us so my parents brought it over to Brad's parents and then Brad's parents brought it down to us. And Brad got it installed tonight.
It looks great and it will be nice to have a fan above our stove. Before Brad installed it we looked up online what the proper height was for installing Microwaves above stoves. The manufacturer web site that we found said to install the top of the Microwave 30" from the top of the cooktop. Well that only left 15" between the stovetop and fan which seemed too low. So we got on Skype and called Mike and asked him what his was installed at. His was 37" from the top of the microwave to the top of the cooktop. So we went with that dim and installed it.

Chalkboard Door

Well recently Brad installed a new metal door that goes from the Kitchen to the garage that is to code, it replaced an old wood door. So upon installation I decided the door need to be painted with Chalkboard paint so we could draw on it, make grocery lists and whatever else was needed. So I went down to Home Depot bought chalkboard paint, and threw a few coats of paint on it. Then I found some cool Bistro Chalk Markers at PaperSource online so I ordered those up. So far we are enjoying it. I found the chalk markers don't wipe off as well as I would like. But they do work real well on my frosted glass doors too. So I use them there as well.