Monday, July 27, 2009

Modern Sofa Revamp

Sofa before
Sofa after
Well Brad's work has been a little slow, so we took the opportunity to get a few things done around the house.
We decided to re-upholster our sofa. This sofa was a gift from a client of Brad's up in Washington. They had the sofa in their basement, and were ready to part with it. We were getting our first place together and needed furniture. We loved the Danish modern look of the sofa. The former owners said that they got it from their parents who had bought it new. That was six+ years ago. When we got the sofa I knew I wanted to upholster it with a new color fabric. Overtime the brown actually grew on me. I always wanted a Charcoal gray. I liked the original texture of the original fabric. It seemed to really add to the subtle lines. About 7 months ago a neighbor down the street turned me on to a store in the area called UFO. Well after my first visit there I knew I had found upholstery heaven. The store has a wonderful selection of fabrics and trims. I scoured all the samples and decided on a George M Fabric called Quartz Charcoal. I bought 7 yards. I found ths chart after the fact but It seems quite helpful.

The process of actually covering the sofa went completely different from how I thought it would go. I pictured myself cutting pieces of the original fabric panels and then cutting new and sewing most of the pieces together and slipping the new pieces on to the sofa. Then making new cushions and covering those. Well when we started removin g the fabric, we realized that the sofa was upholstered as it was built. So we deconstructed the entire piece, documenting with photos the whole way. And then one more trip to UFO for more foam. Then we reconstructed the whole sofa with new foam in areas and the new fabric. I just love the way it turned out. On our second trip to UFO, we decided to do a headboard too. More on that soon.