Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well we finished the studio pretty much. These photos don't show the flooring but we selvaged the old dining room and kitchen laminate flooring and installed it in the studio. We have all the electric run in there we just have to get it hooked up. Today I ran to Ikea thru all the thick smoke and picked up the new cabinets and counters. We spent tonight putting all the Ikeas stuff together. Can't wait to go to work in there.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bedroom 3 - Painting almost done

This room is just about done. I decided to paint the beams and ceiling white. The walls are Celery Sprig Green and Garden wall. We will be pulling out the carpet in here and revitalizing the old hardwood. Next thing to tackle in this room is the wall sconce is going to change to cable lighting and the closet will get the shelf treatment.

Project 4 - The Kitchen

This is the dining room and behind the curtain is the kitchen. This room is progressing just fine.
Everything is ripped out the new windows are ordered and plumbing and electrical are getting moved. The dumpster comes today. So we can move the trash pile from the garage to the dumpster.

Project 2 - Bedroom 2 update

Well this playful room is coming along. This is the super fun room to decorate.

Project 3 - Livingroom, we have floors..

Well the Ikea Tundra Maple floor is in. I just love it. I am a sucker for light wood flooring and this came out great. Brad, myself and our son Nolan installed the flooring. The new no glue or nail Ikea flooring is a breeze to install. You tilt and snap it in to place. So far the livingroom is done. We still have the dining and kitchen to go. I like the way the flooring and wall colors are looking together as well. We have put paper over the heavily traveled areas while the kitchen is still being ripped out.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Project 3 - Living Room Progress

Well today we made good progress in the living room and kitchen. I finished painting the living room and most of the other rooms. The living room is Behr- Garden wall. We (well mostly Brad) ripped out the navy carpet and the faux saltillo tile. There is original hardwood floors underneath that could be redone. But we have decided we are going to go with Ikea Tundra - Maple on top because we will be putting new flooring in the Living room, Dining room and Kitchen. With PaintWithout carpet

Kitchen Progress

With the cabinets

And without.
We are taking everything out, we will move some of plumbing. We are moving the kitchen sink to the front of the house under the front window, along with adding a hook up for a new dishwasher adjacent to the new stainless sink. Then we will add some additional electrical outlets. The plan is to mount a new microwave above the range. The refrigerator will move to about where the ladder is, in this last photo. Brad will put in new drywall and tape it. Then I will paint the walls Martha Stewart - Jadeite Bowl.

The Ikea kitchen we plan to but in are birch with slab doors and Brushed aluminum rod drawer pulls.

Weekend Finds

So this past Saturday we were driving over to the house to work, and we made a quick stop at a yard sale. Our find were two nice unused wood and glass French doors. We have similar doors in the house and wanted to find some more. We paid some enterprising kids having a yard sale for their parents $30.00 for both, loaded them up and took them to there new home. We will switch the Master bedroom and back door with the new finds.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Project 3 - Living Room

This project will be fun. I plan to paint the livingroom walls a paint color called "Garden Wall",
then I want to rip out the Navy blue carpet and put in new birch Pergo. Put up some of my existing window treatments. This room will need to windows eventually and I would like to take out the Saltillo tile entrance and put in slate.

Project 2 - Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 - I thought I would start here.
It will have Pink and Green walls. By the end of day one I had all the pink done. This room needs better lighting, a skylight would be nice, new window treatments and eventually a new window all together. Not sure what I want to do with the ceiling between the beams. I like the idea of drywall or tongue and grove wood. This room has original real wood floors.

First Project - Entry door

Project 1- Change out the door locks.
Well today was the first real day of work. Ginger and I arrived with a van load of potted plants from the old house and various odds & ends. Once we got the van unloaded we tackled putting the new door lock in.

This lock is cool, you can use a code or a key to get in. And the key pad even lights up. Eventually we will need to get a new front door to install.