Friday, July 23, 2010

Clean Bathroom Design

Came across this beautiful bathroom image this morning and wanted to share it. I am have been redesigning our master bath, so when we have the funds to execute it we are ready. I really like these sinks. Do you think the sinks really have no plumbing under neath visible? Maybe it is hidden behind the shelf. Love the tile on the wall too. Go to DWR for more info

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finishing concrete, now the dogs can't dig out.

Today we finally christened the concrete mixer we bought months ago. We are lining the edge of the dog run area with concrete, so the dogs cannot dig into the neighbors yard. We used 9 1/2 90 lbs bags of quik- crete today. We got just over half of the area done. We ran into a couple small hiccups. There are sprinkler lines near by that got hit with the shovel. So we had to patch pipes which slowed us down. But now we know. Next weekend we will tackle the other half. Wahoo. Glad to be working on the house.

Concrete it is a family event