Monday, November 2, 2009

Tiki Surf Bathroom with new wall paper

Banana Leaf Wallpaper
Tiki Bath Wall Paper
Tiki Bath
Tiki Bath
Tiki bath

Well my friend Marie, came over and helped me wall paper the Tiki bathroom. I had never wallpapered, so I sought the advice of my Crafty Aunty Jane. She gave me some great pointers. Such as plan out where you end to be in a discreet location incase your pattern doesn't line up exactly. I planed mine to be in the door corner. The job went fairly well. I purchased the wallpaper rolls from Hula Beach in San Clemente. I had one small snafu with the paper one of the rolls when I rolled it out, the ink had stuck to the back of the paper so the print had lifted. I called Hula Beach and was able to switch out the roll for another and was able to finish the job.
I also accidently touched my arm to one of the vanity light bulbs and burnt the heck out of my arm. I couldn't believe the bulb was that hot. The burn blister is still healing.