Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Parents Barged House

So my parents take home remodeling to extreme levels. They have become masters of the art of Home Barging. What is home barging you ask? Well it is moving a home from one location to a new location via a barge on the Puget Sound. Their latest undertaking is their second home barging. The first home they barged is The Salmon Run House You can see all the details of the move by clicking the links. Their latest endeavor is the Eagle Harbor Bay House. They purchased a waterfront lot years ago with the intent of building or barging a home on to the lot. The lot had some initial challenges with soil erosion. They spent about a year looking for the appropriate home for the lot. They found a home that they found was what I felt was settling for something. It was an adobe home with with a tile roof. Which, is not a Northwest style home. They spent a lot of time an energy trying to get that home and the current home owner was a bit wishy-washy about the whole thing.

Then my stepdad Geoff, came across another home that was up for grabs, and that I think was a much better fit for being a Northwestern home and more their taste an style, they did also. So they purchased the home and just today October 14, 2008 two days before their 16th Wedding anniversary the home was barged by Nickel Brothers to it's new location in Eagle Harbor. Check out the details of the move here. The move will be featured on Monster Moves tv show in the near future too.
Read The Sun Post Article here.
Komo News Coverage

Bainbridge Review coverage
- this is the best photo I have seen so far as well

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oceanside Brush Fire 10.08.08

Saw this fire on the way home today. We had scorching heat. 98+
News says this is on Camp Pendleton This is the hill north of Oceanside Blvd, seems closer than Camp Pendleton to me. I could see flames.
I hope they get it out soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Upper Cabinet to the right of Microwave

Well I was able to get one more cabinet for the kitchen, so I picked up the upper cabinet to the right of the microwave. I even put the whole thing together myself. Brad already had the hanging bar on the wall so, I was even able to hang it up myself and bolt it on.
Then Brad and I put all the doors and handles on together. We just found out that Ikea discontinued our Lansa handles we have have the fatter diameter. They still carry the skinny. So I stocked up on them since they are 50% off. I am going to go next week and get a few more so, we have all the right ones before they are gone...
It is so nice to be able to easily open all the cabinets. Oh how I love handles....

Handles on Cabinets

Handles on Cabinets
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