Friday, November 30, 2007

Read about how I chose my interior colors here

Well being a person who loves design and the process of design I decided to write about my design inspiration for picking colors in our new house you can read about it here.

3 Ideas to inspire great interior paint colors

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New paint colors, base and case too.....

Well we spent the weekend painting. Brad sanded all the walls till his fingers bled from touching all the texture to get it just right. Then he primed all the walls with a PVA Primer. Then I took over for the rollering of the colors. He had a very watchful eye on me, because he didn't want my paint job to mess-up his time into the finish on the walls. But I can respect that, so I said nit pick away, let's get it right. He did all the cutting in too. Mom will be happy he did a very clean job.
For paint colors we went with a Martha Stewart Color Jadeite in the kitchen.
Since I collect Jadeite it seemed appropriate.
Then we did Celery Sprig in the dining room. Green makes you hungry so it makes sense.
And more Garden wall.
I love they way they turned out. Very beachy...

For the base and case we went with a craftsman style that I had seen at my parent's house. Nolan and Dan Sutherland made all the case at school. Nolan is learning all sorts of wood working skills from Dan so that is good.
Brad installed a lot of the case and base tonight. Man it looks so great with the new bowling alley floors with the base and the case around all the doors and openings. The case and base will be painted a nice white. What is shown here is the raw color.

Finishing the Floors

Well it looks like we installed a bowling alley in the kitchen, but really it is just our Fabulous Ikea Tundra Flooring. Here are some shots of Brad putting in the bowling alley.
The wall separating the kitchen and living room was a real hassle. It took a long time to work through the complicated seams. But Brad got it all lined up.
The house just looks so much lighter and cleaner. I Love it....
To do the kitchen, dining, living room and some closet floors was about $800.00 for materials. It is a $1.35 a sqft.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

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Who doesn't want to win money....
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The contest ends 11-30-07

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well I was waiting till I had the room more the way I wanted it to take pictures but everyone has been asking how it is coming along so I figured I better put some shots up. As you can see I love Ikea....Brad ran electrical I did help do some of the outlets. Then he did insulation and did all the drywall. Nolan and I, then painted the studio then we put in Ikea counters and used some old Ikea shelves for underneath the counters. Then Brad installed the overhead cabinets. The big cabinets on the back wall will have glass doors eventually. And we still need to put in the overhead cable lights. I also still need to put up all our inspiration clips and drawings etc.. As you can see I like organization.

Slinging Mud....

Oh my honey has been slinging mud around. Oh and what a mud slinger he is....
Wahooo, we have new windows in, new electrical run, new plumbing run and drywall hung.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kitchen & Living room progress

We have a new large opening in the wall separating the kitchen and living room. The plan is to make this area to be a pass thru between the kitchen and livingroom with counter tops. Above the opening on the kitchen side there will be cabinets with frosted glass and aluminum cabinets that open upward. And of course kitchen cabinets below. We have installed cable lights on living room side of the wall that go from this wall to the other. Yeah lights in the living room. I don't know why so many house don't come with lights in rooms. I don't get it.
But at least I can see in the dark now.

Here is a photo of the built in that I painted, my inspiration was Beach glass colors. It will look finished when the casing goes on we are doing plain white case and base, with a touch of Craftsman styling.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Front Yard

Well we did it. We had most of the front hedge removed and so we put in a lot of tropical plants. I had the Giant Bird of Paradises in pots at the old house. So once the hedge was removed by Angel our landscaper, I quickly planted all the plants. I still have one pot with a yellow Plumeria tree and a gardenia that I am undecided on where to put it.
A friend has a home inland where she has a very mature Gardenia bush planted in front of her kitchen sink and I remember standing in there washing some dishes one summer and just being wafted by Gardenia fragrance, ever since that I have been determined to create the same for myself.
I am pleased with new look of the yard. You can really see the house from the street now. And I think once the plants mature a bit it will have a great tropical look.
The larger banana plants I dug up from the backyard jungle and moved to the front. I have added a sub-album to the photobucket images with some landscaping ideas from a house in our old neighborhood that was landscaped just wonderfully. I would like to replicate some of there plantings.