Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Greenery for the Tiki Bath

This past weekend I was showing my Dad and Stepmom around the area and we visited quite a few local shops. Since my guests shared my interest for Hawaiiana we visited the store Hula Beach in San Clemente. While perusing Hula Beach's lovely tropical decor I found something that I had been looking for. Tropical palm frond wall paper for the top of the walls in my tiki bath.

On a prior visit to the store I notice their back hallway had this cool wall paper called Urban Safari Green. They had graciously provided the name of it to me at the time, which I could not remember about 2 weeks ago when I was googling palm frond wall papers. To my delight, they now carried the wall paper. So I bought a couple rolls.

Since I am new to wallpapering I have asked the advice of my handy Aunt Jane in Texas. I am waiting for the perfect day to wallpaper. When I get this wallpaper up, I will get some pictures on the blog.