Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh how I love my free dishwasher.....

Well we have been busy over the Christmas break. Since we have been doing dishes in a sink the size of a shoebox, I have been very anxious to get a real sink up and running. On one of my walks around the neighborhood I came across a free dishwasher. Having no dishwasher I thought a freebie that may or may not work was better than none. So I drove back and picked it up by myself.. I wasn't sure if if I was going to be able to lift the dishwasher in the car. Being a woman I have never moved a dishwasher so I had no idea if this was a heavy appliance or light appliance. Turns out dishwashers are super light. Surprisingly light. I was able to pick the dishwasher up no problem and get it in my car, and then get it home and into the garage. I would have love to have seen the neighbors faces, watching my do that.
So since finding the free dishwasher I have been anxious to get this sucker up and running. One of my girlfriends thought I was very odd for getting excited about a used dishwasher, she thought it sounded gross. Well this dishwasher is all white fairly new and very clean looking besides, that what dishwashers do, clean.
When you have been doing dishes for 6 in a sink the size of shoe box trust me you get excited.

So Brad and I talked about what we needed for the dishwasher to work.
A sink - we needed to buy one, knowing we may not have countertops for a long time.
A garbage disposal - we had the one left over from when we demo-d the old kitchen
Power - at thee new location
Running water at the new location

We hired a plumber when we demo-d the kitchen to re-route all of our plumbing lines to the new kitchen sink location. He had run everything we needed we just had to get it functioning.

We had already decided on our Ikea kitchen so it was just a matter of picking up the least amount of cabinets to do what we needed. Since we are super tight on cash right now.

Originally I had planned on having to lazy susan cabinets in each corner, but upon further measuring our kitchen was exactly 8' wide. And the lazy susan cabinets were 37' wide plus a 24" wide cabinet sink added up to 98". Two inches more than we had.
What to do? I had been working of grid paper using 1' squares. So I didn't realize the cabinets were each an inch over. Why they are 37" makes no sense to me. So now we are going to do one lazy susan cabinet at a later date and for now we got a 30" cabinet that will work in the space we have so it is not totally dead space.
The current thought is to put a 12" door on the face of the 30" cabinet so we have some access to corner unit. Any great ideas contributed would be appreciated.

So since we are not able to afford to upgrade our power yet we have to run both the disposal and dishwasher off extension cords. But most importantly we have a dishwasher that was free and works great.

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